Sunday Valentina in: Sunday Valentina


It's that time of the year ladies and gentlemen! That time where we all hope and wish to get exactly what we've wanted the entire year. Today Sunday Valentina is tree decorating with her hubby and has no idea what's in store for her. Her hubby Papi has put together a suprise for her that she's wanted for a long time. Sunday Valentina is one of those transsexuals that has always wanted a black cock. She's yearned for it and asked for it so many times but has yet to open it as a Christmas gift. Papi being the great husband that he is doesn't hesitate to get the beautiful Sunday Valentina just what she wants for the Holidays. Papi brings his boy Mark to show lovely Sunday a good time with something big and heavy to open up as her gift. She's ready to finally get that black cock she's always wanted.FINALLY! Papi just loves sitting back and watch it go down.He loves it. Mark teaches that ass a lesson with that massive cock! Let's sit back and welcome the Holiday Season with the beautiful Sunday Valentina in "A Cuckold Christmas"

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